More than a Brand, Doin' It is a Lifestyle
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About us

As an FDNY Firefighter with over 15 years experience or as my fellow Brothers would say "On The Job", I started this company to get other firefighters and civil service workers to start living a more active lifestyle and look good in doing so. The words Doin' It are more than just words. When another Firefighter says Doin' It! he simply means a job well done. To hear "You guys were Doin' It" is accepted with a sense of pride knowing you performed your duties to the best of your ability and that's the same sense of pride & accomplishment we want our consumers to feel every time they wear our apparel. Whether it's an athletic achievement, a new job, promotion or reaching a personal fitness goal. Doin' It has become more than a saying, it's a lifestyle, something for you to look forward to. When you wear our apparel we want your goals and aspirations to come to mind. It's why we say we’re More than a Brand, DOIN’IT is a Lifestyle!

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